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Can you speak at a meetup or my company “career day”?

Yes, please contact me on (LinkedIn) and I see what I can do for you. I’m not very much excited about delivering presentation, all my engagements have a fair share of group work and audience interaction built into it.

I have experience of working with groups from 4 to 30 people and can package a workshop in 60 or 120 minutes. If the theme is mutually interesting and my other workload permits, I’m happy to design a custom workshop for you.

Topics I’ve explored already somewhere:

Who are you, once again?

Anya Epishcheva is a certified career coach (100+ hours of coaching), analytics & science manager (3+ years) and an aspiring artist.

She combines her personal experience of going through change (10 schools as a child, 2 countries and 3 careers), actively managing her career for 20 years (from a part-time non-qualified worker to the manager of managers) and her love for creativity and self-driven exploration to bring small and medium size (4 to 30 people) groups on the journey to finding their “work mojo” back.